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Easy Wedding Wishes: Signing Wedding Cards Like a Pro

Celebrating the union of two hearts is such a happy occasion, and sharing heartfelt wedding wishes makes it even warmer. Whether jotting down a card or prepping a wedding toast, this guide will help you nail those sincere and meaningful wishes. And don’t forget to save this handy guide on writing marriage wishes!

Traditional Wedding Wishes

If you’re heading to a wedding where you’re not super close to the couple, sticking with traditional wedding wishes is a safe bet. They’re a great way to show your happiness for the couple without getting too casual. These wedding day wishes strike a nice balance!

  • “Here’s to a love story written in the stars, where every chapter is a testament to the beauty of your enduring bond.”
  • “May your love bloom like a timeless flower as you exchange vows today, getting even sweeter with each passing year.”
  • “To my bestie, on your big day, please know your happiness is my top priority. Seeing you find your forever person means everything to me. Huge congrats!”
  • “Thrilled to be part of this awesome celebration, I’m sending you my best wishes as you kick off this amazing journey together.”
  • “Here’s to hoping the years ahead are all about hugs and kisses for you, my friend because nobody deserves a fairytale ending more than you do!”

Casual Marriage Wishes

When a wedding is more laid-back or informal, casual wedding wishes are the way to go. They’re less formal but still convey the significance of the day. Just ensure the couple isn’t sticking to traditional customs before sending your wedding congratulations messages.

  • “Hey, congrats on officially becoming a family! You two are gonna rock this journey together. Seriously, everyone can see you’re a match made in heaven!”
  • “Check you two out — absolute couple goals! So happy for you both. Here’s to a lifetime filled with love and laughter. Cheers to your marriage!”
  • “You guys? A total couple of crushed materials! Seriously, you give us all hope. Your marriage is going to be a beautiful adventure. Congrats!”
  •  “Seeing you two together just warms my heart! Wishing you all the happiness in the world. Congrats on saying ‘I do’!”
  • “What’s the secret to a great marriage? You guys already know — understanding, forgiving, and falling in love all over again. Here’s to many more years of love and laughter!”

Funny Wedding Wishes

Go ahead and add a bit of humor to your wedding card message, especially if you know the couple will appreciate it. Funny wedding wishes can be anything from a shared laugh to a well-known joke or quote. They’re perfect for close friends and family not expecting formal wedding wishes.

  • “It’s smart to keep your eyes peeled for what’s coming. But once you’re hitched, there are times when it’s okay just to close them and roll with it!”
  • “Saying ‘I do’ at your wedding is like blindly clicking ‘I Accept’ when installing new software — no idea what’s coming next! Congrats on taking the plunge!”
  • “In marriage, there’s always one who’s right, and the other… well, is the husband, right? Congrats on finding your partner in crime!”
  • “Just like in a game of cards, in marriage, no wild cards allowed! Wishing you a lifetime of winning hands!”

How Do You Say Ideal Wishes for Newly Married Couples?

Keep your wedding wishes for friends short, sweet, and meaningful. Skip the long letters and go for a personal touch. If you know their plans, like lots of travel, wish them an adventurous journey together. And don’t forget to add some personal flair — mention their favorite movie, book, or band, and maybe toss in a relevant quote for good measure.